10 do it now tips to boost lead generation


Millions of potential consumers search the internet for products and services every day. They might never discover your business if you’re not capturing their interest with your site’s SEO campaign.

SEO is a technical procedure that requires knowing how search engines like Google work and then utilising those insights to make changes to your website. It helps rank your site higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and generates leads.

To produce new, relevant leads and customers, you must get a system that you can incorporate and improve over time. And we’ll assist you in doing just that. In this article, you will learn some amazing tips to boost lead generation by SEO.

Techniques to boost lead generation

1. Do your keyword research

new keywords to increase leads on website

You must choose the proper keywords to maximize lead generation through SEO. In essence, the first stage in any SEO campaign is to identify your target market and what they’re searching for. You can achieve this by doing keyword research and finding the terms and phrases consumers use to search for services and products.

You can perform keyword research using different tools and methods, such as Google AdWords, competitive analysis, and search engine trends.

2. Keep your website content updated

Google prefers websites with regularly updated material; thus, failing to do so could lower your website’s ranking in search results. Keeping your website updated is among the most crucial SEO factors.

This involves publishing new blog posts, adding new products to your inventory, and updating your contact information. Keeping the content updated on your site helps to build trust between you and your consumers.

Once you’ve published your content, you must also promote it to ensure that as many people as possible see it. You can do this by posting a link to it on your website, promoting it via social media, and sending it to article directories.

3. Improve Your Website Speedwebsite-speed-optimization

Another important aspect that search engines consider is how quickly your page loads. Furthermore, websites that load more quickly than yours will appear higher in search results since they react to queries more quickly.

Simple tips to make your website load faster:

  • Enhance your scripts (CSS, JS, and HTML)
  • Activate caching
  • Image optimisation
  • Choose a reliable web host
  • Eliminate the website baggage (delete spam comments, remove unnecessary scripts and plugins, clean up your database, fix broken links, etc.)

4. Benchmark Your Competitor’s Performance

Keep track of where your competitors rank for the same or similar keywords and evaluate how effective their page is. Look into why a competitor performs much better than you on similar search terms. In this evaluation, consider the structure of their postings, how they write, backlinks, etc.

Knowing how similar content performs will assist you in making good strategies for your own efforts. It can also point out elements of your existing strategy that may be outdated and need upgrading or even technical problems that are stopping you from ranking well.

5. Monitor your results

tips to boost lead generation - GSC report ExampleOnce your SEO strategy has started, you must monitor the outcomes to see how well it works. This includes monitoring your website’s click-through rates, conversion rates, and search engine ranking.

By monitoring your results, you can determine which elements of your SEO plan are effective and which require improvement. You can improve your SEO campaign’s performance using this information.

6. Guest Posting

Writing guest posts assists in building your portfolio and reputation. By providing your services to someone else’s site, you demonstrate that you can cater to an entirely new audience and display that you can be trusted with other people’s deadlines.

What may start as the occasional guest post may thrive into something more; from there, your site will go from strength to strength as you build a reputation for yourself as a dependable and talented professional.

7. Promote and manage customer reviews

Websitevala GMB ProfileGood customer reviews positively influence SEO and also your overall rankings. They are a powerful indicator to Google and other search engines that your website is reliable and authoritative.

An excellent way to acquire reviews from your consumers is simply asking for them. Additionally, to boost the chances that customers will submit reviews, make the process as simple, convenient, and easy as possible.

For each of your consumers who leave you feedback – whether good or bad, make the effort to acknowledge it. By replying to each review, you are showcasing to your customers that you value their opinions.

8. B2B lead generation

You should develop various B2B lead generation SEO strategies if your company is a B2B one. When referring to a “B2B lead,” it’s crucial to remember that this lead represents a business rather than a private person.

B2B leads are often obtained through a variety of marketing strategies like:

  • Create a targeted contact list for businesses
  • Make use of marketing automation to produce leads
  • Include your business in directories
  • Speak or attend events in your industry
  • Foster customer referrals and recommendation

9. Be active on social media

social-media-platformsIf you’re seeking SEO leads, you must have a social media presence so potential clients know who you are. Important search engines index social media content (like social posts on the search results). Therefore, your chances of appearing on a search engine increase as you become more active. People today also conduct direct searches on social media.

Promoting your content on social media is essential if you want SEO to produce leads and sales. Social media can also be a great way to interact and develop relationships with potential clients.

For the most visibility on social media, make sure to optimise your profiles and posts.

Here is how you can optimise your profiles and posts:

  • Add some keywords to your name and bio
  • For each article, provide a unique description with relevant keywords
  • Utilise relevant and popular hashtags
  • Make keyword-rich Pinterest boards and constantly update them with new, relevant pins
  • Include a social media sharing link on your website. Greater social media shares = more visibility

10. For a local business, use local SEO strategies

A website allows you to advertise your company to the entire online world. In comparison, local SEO is primarily concerned with assisting you in improving your position in the area in which your firm operates.

Suppose you own a local business. Then you gain significant benefits from using local SEO lead generation techniques and ensure that your target market can find you on Google.

Few strategies to keep in mind for conducting local SEO:

  • Register entries in online directories
  • Create good reviews
  • Content optimisation for local search

Download SEO checklist for new websites pdf Here

Final thoughts

Various factors go into creating an effective marketing plan for the digital era—with two essential strategies being SEO and lead generation. An SEO lead generation strategy will ensure that your ongoing marketing activities have a great chance of succeeding in a crowded market. It will also assist in future-proof your web content by maximising the potential to obtain new leads with a strong online presence and an amazing user experience.

All the above strategies work together to help you reposition your company most favourably. They help you stand out from the competition and demonstrate to Google that you prioritise your clients.


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Techniques to boost lead generation - Infographic


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